Hog Roast Machines Hire

Hog Roast Machine Hire

Are you hosting an event and considering taking care of the catering on your own, but you are concerned that you might be putting too much pressure on yourself? The good news is, doing your own catering doesn’t have to mean that you must spend your entire event worrying about the food and you won’t be able to spend any time with your guests. Doing your own hog roast is the ideal option if you want to treat your guests to some fabulous freshly made food all by yourself whilst also enabling you to have fun too. Hiring a hog roast machine from us here at Hog Roast Salcombe is definitely the way to go if you want to create a sociable ambiance and impress your guests with the quality of the food you provide and what’s more, you don’t need to have bags of event catering expertise or even a lot of cooking experience to be able to achieve great results.

Advanced Cooking Equipment

Hog Roast Salcombe’s machines are the front runners in hog roast catering equipment in the UK and beyond, which is one of the many reasons why hiring a machine from us will give the peace of mind that all of your guests will be well-fed, along with the reassurance that our machine will not let you down. Not only do we have extensive event catering experience ourselves, we utilise our in-depth knowledge of hog roast catering to design and build our own machines. We ensure each and every one of our hog roast machines is robust enough to be used in any environment and compact enough to be easily transported to all manner of locations, whilst also being 100 percent reliable. We have a range of machines that suit different sizes of events and different catering needs, but all of our equipment comes with the same guarantee that it will produce perfectly cooked pork every time.

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We have machines that vary in capacity and function – some are capable of cooking two whole pigs in one go, whereas others enable you to cook other items of food at the same time as the pork, which is great if you would like to prepare jacket potatoes and veggie skewers for your guest too, for example. If you hire a machine from us, you can be confident that you are using the very best hog roasting equipment available and that the machine is ideally suited for your catering needs.

Amazing Results With Minimum Effort

Rustling up a hog roast feast is always the ultimate crowd pleaser for any party and if you hire a machine from Hog Roast Salcombe, you can give your guests a great meal without even breaking a sweat. As well as being manufactured with cutting edge catering technology, all of our machines that are available for hire are incredibly straightforward to operate. This means that even if you have never catered for a party or even cooked for more than a few people before, you will be able to provide an ample supply of tasty freshly made food, without compromising on the quality or the quantity. Our hog roast machine will take care of most of the cooking for you, leaving you free to chat to your guests and raise a glass or two with them, without you having to spend all night worrying about your catering duties.

Expert Advice

Our equipment may be very user-friendly, but that doesn’t mean that the Hog Roast Salcombe team will just leave you to fend for yourself and hope for the best! If you hire a machine from us, you will benefit from our expert support and advice from the moment you make your initial inquiry. We will discuss your event catering requirements with you in detail and based on your level of experience, how large your party is and where you are hosting your event, we will advise you on the machine that is best equipped to meet your needs. We will then deliver it to your venue on the day, so you don’t even have to worry about transporting it, and set it up for you on-site. Our delivery team will give you all of the essential operating and safety information, as well as making sure you feel totally confident about taking the helm before they leave to you get on with creating your very own hog roast feast! We will also pick up the machine again after your event and take care of all of the cleaning too.

If you want a fun and flavoursome DIY catering experience for both you and your guests without the usual hassle that comes with doing your own catering, get in touch with us here at Hog Roast Salcombe to find out more about hiring one of our awesome hog roast machines for your event!