Hog Roast Tavistock

Hog Roast TavistockWhen you’re planning a special event, you can rely on Hog Roast Tavistock to whip up mouth-watering food that is sure to impress your guests. With over two decades in the catering industry, we have developed our skill in all types of cuisine which means we can rustle up anything that tickles your fancy. Our hog roasts are what we are renowned for – and for very good reason. We have trained in the art of hog roasting to deliver succulent meat alongside an array of tasty sides that’s sure to leave you wanting seconds.

Hog roasting is a traditional catering style that has come back into fashion in recent years, thanks to its ability to cater for large numbers and its quick and easy serving that ensures guests can tuck into their meals without waiting for long periods. We will set up the equipment in your venue hours before the start of the event and ensure that the food is ready at your desired time – that means no ‘hangry’ guests, and everyone can enjoy the event without feeling overly peckish.

We Offer Flexible Menus At Hog Roast Tavistock

Although Hog Roast Tavistock take pride in our hog roasts, we fully understand that you may have other ideas when it comes to your idea event meal. That’s why we offer a flexible menu that allows you to choose whatever dishes you’re most interested in. Our chefs will work alongside you to create your dream menu for your special event and even offer their expert opinions on which ingredients they believe will work best together.

Hog Roast TavistockWe cater for all types of events including weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, corporate events and even public festivals and markets – so we’re extremely adaptable as to what we can offer, dependant on the vibe of event and the clientele. What’s more, you can also let us know how you’d like your guests to be served; whether it be a formal sit-down meal or simply allowing them to help themselves to a delightful range of finger foods where they can come up for seconds – or even thirds!

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