Hog Roast Starcross

Hog Roast StarcrossStarcross is a hive of activity. From trainspotting to birdwatching, sailing to diving, this is by no stretch a sleepy village. People have flocked here since Victorian times thanks to Brunel’s rail line – the most complete remaining pumping station from the South Devon Atmospheric Railway lives here. With the railway line practically gracing the water’s edge, many a passenger has gazed out in awe and no doubt in jealousy of those who get to live in this waterside paradise. With so many activities to embrace in Starcross, there are plenty of opportunities to hold themed parties or functions. Of course, this naturally leads to hungry guests and what better way to satisfy their cravings than with a bountiful banquet?

The Hog Roast Starcross team specialise in spit-roasting a vast selection of meats. We can offer you succulent slow-roasted pork with crispy crackling, a browned to perfection turkey served with the juiciest cranberries, mouthwatering beef featuring everyone’s favourite – Yorkshire puddings. But that’s by no means all. Check out our menu packages for more meaty suggestions.

The Best Hog Roast For Starcross Lovers

Hog Roast StarcrossHog Roast Starcross cooks with the finest ingredients available, which are all sourced locally. Even the machines we use are top of the range. Only the best will do. Our chefs are all professionally trained in spit-roasting meat to perfection. They can also turn their culinary talents to vegetarian options, so each and every one of your guests will be treated to a memorable meal. Like with the meat, we select the highest quality salad and vegetables. All of this guarantees you will be tucking into a flavoursome feast.

Planning on having canapés and a drinks reception? Hog Roast Starcross can arrange this too. We will work with you to customise the menu to your liking, choose the optimum serving time, and work on the finer details such as whether you want your guests to queue or have their food brought to them.

No party is too big for us to handle. We can cater for 500 guests as effortlessly as we can 50. We also can operate both indoors and outdoors – no need to worry about what the weather is doing!

Are you ready to start planning your perfect party? Our team would love to discuss how we can cater for your event. Get in touch with us today.