Hog Roast Sidmouth

Hog Roast SidmouthThe majestic coastal town of Sidmouth has plenty to offer residents and visitors alike and if its stunning views and bustling atmosphere have inspired you to host an outdoor event, whether it be a local show or festival, a family party or your wedding reception, it is obviously important that the food you provide lives up to the location. Luckily, the Hog Roast Sidmouth team are on hand offer you the best of both worlds – your ideal menu that can be freshly prepared in your favourite location, without you having to be limited in the scope or variety of the food on offer. For quite some time, we have been the premier hog roast suppliers in the area and whilst we have founded our excellent reputation on the quality of our slow roasted pork, we are also becoming an increasingly popular catering choice for events that require more diverse menus. We have always stayed one step ahead of the competition when it comes to event catering in Sidmouth because of our versatility, as well as for the unsurpassable quality of our pork.

Event Catering Experts In Sidmouth

Hog Roast SidmouthIf you make the wise decision to choose Hog Roast Sidmouth to cater for your event, you will be spoilt for choice in the style and content of our menus. We offer a range of other slow cooked meats, all just as delicious and high in quality as our classic pork, not to mention a vast array of meat and dairy free dishes too. We cover all bases when planning and preparing our menus and because we make everything from scratch on-site, we can make any necessary adjustments to ensure the needs of all of your guests are met. Whether you opt for one of our signature hog roasts, a diverse buffet or an indulgent 3 course meal, every item of food we provide will be made from the best local ingredients and ethically reared meat.

If you love the sound of our enthusiasm, event catering expertise and commitment to quality, do not hesitate to contact with us here at Hog Roast Sidmouth to discuss your event catering requirements.