Hog Roast Salcombe

Hog Roast SalcombeWith its sea views on one side and rolling green hills on the other, it is easy to see why Salcombe is part of South Devonshire’s Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Whether you are fortunate enough to live in Salcombe or you are just here for a visit, it is the perfect place for hosting an outdoor event and or celebrating a special occasion with family and friends. If you want fabulous food in a picturesque setting, this is where the Hog Roast Salcombe team come in. There are a number of reasons why we are considered to be the front runners in hog roast catering in this part of Devon, as well as being a very versatile catering team who always manage to offer our diners their perfect menu that is freshly prepared in their ideal location.

Signature Dishes That Everyone Loves In Salcombe

Hog Roast SalcombeHog Roast Salcombe’s signature slow roasted pork is always sourced from the most reputable producers who utilise incredibly ethical methods. This ensures that the quality of the meat is second to none, and after you have tasted it, we’re sure you will agree. We always cook our meat on-site, regardless of the location, and we spend several hours before the food is due to be served slow cooking our meat until it is bursting with flavour and falling off the bone. We also prepare the rest of the dishes on our diverse menus from scratch on-site too, whether we are rustling up a classic hog roast feast for a large-scale event, an attractive buffet for a private party or a stylish 3 course meal for a wedding reception. All of our menus offer more than enough choice to please all palettes and cater for different dietary needs. We provide alternative slow roasted meats, which are also ethically reared, in addition to an abundance of vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free dishes, all of which are made from fantastic locally sourced ingredients.

The Hog Roast Salcombe team can help you to make your event a memorable and enjoyable day for everyone with our superior ingredients, versatile menus and attentive service, not to mention the finest slow roasted pork in the Salcombe area.