Hog Roast Marldon

Hog Roast MarldonFor the Hog Roast Marldon team catering in this part of South Devon is always a pleasure. There is nothing better than preparing one of our epic hog roast feasts in the pretty outdoor locations in and around Marldon. There is also no better outdoor dining option than some of our succulent slow roasted pork after we have been cooking it for several hours on-site until we have achieved an unparallel level of mouth-watering succulence. A hog roast is absolutely spot on for any gathering in Marldon, not to mention a very budget-friendly catering solution for any kind of event.

This village always has plenty to keep its residents occupied with many local clubs covering all areas of interest. If you are organising an event, some of our moreish melt-in-the-mouth pork is bound to bring the community together as we can treat everyone to a great freshly made meal in any setting. If you would prefer to host your event indoors, particularly if it is taking place in the autumn and winter months, this is no problem for us. We can adapt to catering in any setting and because we only need a minimal amount of catering equipment and staff on-site, even for larger events, we are able to fit comfortably into just about any indoor space too.

Hog Roast Marldon’s Extensive Cooking Knowledge

Hog Roast MarldonIf our beautifully cooked free-range pork sounds like a very appealing prospect for your event but you have guests who have different dietary considerations or your event requires a more varied menu, the Hog Roast Marldon team have got it covered. We offer everything from classic hog roast sandwiches to buffets and opulent 3 course meals. All of our menus incorporate a wide array of different dishes, alternative meat choices, and vegetarian and vegan options. We are capable of making all of the items on our diverse menus from scratch on-site utilising the freshest locally sourced ingredients.

Hog Roast Marldon’s wealth of menu options, expertly cooked hog roasts and ability to produce food that will please all tastes, makes us the optimum catering choice for public events, special occasions and any kind of private party taking place in Marldon.