Hog Roast Lynton

Hog Roast LyntonAre you holding an event in the Torbay region and need a quality caterer to serve delicious food for your guests? You’ve come to the right place. With over two decades of catering experience under our belt, Hog Roast Lynton (that’s us) are established as one of the UK’s best hog roasters. We have mastered our skill in cooking the meat until it is a glistening golden brown with a delicious crispy texture that simply melts in the mouth. As we have extremely high standards with how our food is cooked and served, we know that our customers will be satisfied every time they book us – and our excellent reviews are a testament to that.

Our equipment has been designed by our very own Hog Roast Lynton team to achieve the desired taste and texture that gives the meat its juicy, yet crunchy consistency. All dishes are cooked fresh on the day and ingredients are sourced a few days prior, so everything tastes great on the day of the event. We only work with quality suppliers, which combined with our culinary creates first-class meals that cannot be compared elsewhere. We use free-range meat and eggs and the ripest fruit and vegetables to create all of our courses.

Budget-Friendly Catering In Lynton

Hog Roast LyntonDespite our high standards, we never charge over the odds for our catering services. We wish to be inclusive for all budgets, so no-one is left out from trying our scrumptious food. Upon booking, we’ll chat through the various options with you to work out which services match your preferred budget. We can keep it simple with a help-yourself hog roll or buffet spread which may be suitable for a group of friends and family or a casual work treat for employees, or a more upmarket sit-down dinner complete with a team of waiting staff to serve your guests.

Get in touch with the Hog Roast Lynton team and we will be happy to answer your queries or make a booking either over the phone or via email.